Olympic Torch

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Sticky Pad

Olympic Torch. Wow. Yes, gluetogether went to welcome the flame,  to revel in the passion and enjoy the young flag wavers and the not so young creating great memories, all gathering united to embrace and share this momentous occasion. The Olympic mantra, “citius, altius, fortius” swifter, higher, stronger got me to thinking about our business and your […]

Good coaching or GREAT COACHING?

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Sticky Pad

Good is ok but GREAT IS BETTER. I am a fan of just a few GREAT COACHES—Keith Cunningham  (Keys to the Vault) is one of them. He got me thinking when he asked a crucial question. “what is really the problem?” Maybe that my sales are lagging, maybe my costs are too high, maybe my […]

Tip for improving results

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CHATTERBOX – this is the voices in your head, one moment it is encouraging you, when you say things like “This is good” “ I can do this” and at times it is knocking your confidence “I’m never going to be able to do this” I’m sure I’m going to get this wrong” “ I’m […]

Inspiring change or negative, negative, negative!

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I am becoming fascinated by the amount of negative ‘stuff’ I am hearing. The BBC Breakfast programme this morning was a classic! £100 vouchers are to be introduced by the Coalition for parents looking to improve their ‘parenting skills.’ The lovely lady being ‘quizzed’ by the interviewers was subject to ‘total negativity’ by Charlie and […]

Growing pains

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Just as many children suffer ‘growing pains’ without really understanding why so do many SME business owners. For a growing child the pain is often caused by muscular tiredness, poor posture and emotional upset. For the growing business owner it’s most likely to be the result of doing more hours, feeling a loss of control […]


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I love the ‘blackbirds on a telegraph wire’ story. Ten blackbirds spread along a telegraph wire and 5 make a decision to fly away. So how many are left? The answer is 10 of course. 5 had only made the decision to fly but to the observer, nothing had changed. Nothing had! Don’t just decide […]

What do you do if you want to “unstick” something?

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You fight sticky with sticky!! For many years, McDonalds fought rumours it put earthworms as filler in their burgers. In 1978, McDonalds denounced the rumours as “unfounded and unsubstantiated” Guess which idea was stickier, “earthworms in your burgers” or “unfounded and unsubstantiated” In 1992, Ray Kroc, McDonalds very famous CEO came up with a better […]

Cause and Effect

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It is a well-known equation. Do you cause things to happen? Or perhaps you sit on the other side of the equation? Leaders make things happen. They cause things to happen. Most of us spend the majority of our time on the other side of the equation, the effect side. On the effect side, we […]

“But” the dangerous word that negates whatever comes before it!

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“This is the best product in the world, but you have to use it to benefit from it.” That “but” in the sentence turns it from the “best product in the world” into a big nothing. Why not change it to, “This is the best product in the world, and you have to use it […]

Stories stick more readily than stats.

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A good friend of mine, Mark, was recently in London for an important business meeting with clients. He had time to kill before his next train, so went to a local pub for a drink. He finished one drink and still had time to spare as he was approached by an attractive woman who asked […]